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What is Don’t Sweat It Alone?

Don’t Sweat It Alone is a fitness and healthy living membership program. It includes full-body, High-Intensity Circuit Based Interval Training (HIIT) catered to at-home workouts developed by celebrity fitness trainer Jenna Willis. During the fitness sessions, participants follow along as Jenna demonstrates and leads the workouts live. The program also includes an on-demand video library, an exclusive online community, monthly giveaways, bonus guest instructor videos, nutritional guidelines, wellness expert video library and discounts on Jenna’s favorite wellness brands. The VIP program includes a recipe book and one-on-one monthly consultations with Jenna. 



Who is Jenna Willis? 

ISSA-certified trainer and official TRX Ambassador Jenna Willis, a Los Angeles-based celebrity fitness trainer with a following of over 75,000+ Instagram followers (@msjennawillis), has a unique approach to “fitness.” She believes that in order to be fit you must engage your body, mind, and spirit. Jenna has been featured in Women’s Health Magazine, Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan, and Women’s Fitness Magazine and is a contributor for Us Weekly, Good Day LA and Skinny Confidential. 


Jenna believes that fitness is a journey, not a destination. That’s why she created Don’t Sweat It Alone, a fitness program for all levels that’s effective for anyone who wants to increase strength, cardio endurance, and overall health. 



What’s the difference between On Demand, All Access, and VIP?

Don’t Sweat It Alone understands, unlike other programs, that we all have different fitness needs/goals, which is why we offer a 3-membership tier option. 


  • On the go and looking for quick workouts on your own schedule? We got you with our On-Demand program. 

  • Feeling isolated and looking for a fitness community that holds you accountable to creating a workout regimen? We got you in All Access. 

  • Desperate to shed that COVID weight and looking for a personalized program? We got you with VIP.


How do I upgrade or downgrade my membership?

You will have to cancel your current membership and then you can immediately sign up for the new level in which you would like to participate. In the drop-down menu under your profile picture (in the circle) in the upper right hand corner you'll see "Purchases". Click the three dots on the right side of your current membership and select cancel. Go to pricing page and purchase a new membership. 



What happens if I want to cancel my membership?

You have the ability to cancel your membership at any time. After you cancel, you will continue to have access to the platform until the 30 days you have paid for are up, and we are happy to welcome you back at any time. In the drop-down menu under your profile picture (in the circle) in the upper right hand corner you'll see "Purchases". Click the three dots on the right side of your current membership and select cancel.

I got a new credit card, how do I update my payment method?

In the drop-down menu under your profile picture (in the circle) in the upper right hand corner you'll see "Purchases". Click the three dots on the right side of your current membership and select modify. 



What happens in the online community?

DSIA encourages its members to connect and motivate one another from all over the world. Our accountability community is on Mighty Networks. It’s similar to Facebook in terms of its capabilities but you don’t have to deal with awkward posts from your Great Aunt Rita or political rants from that guy who sat next to you in Biology. 


Once you become a member of Don’t Sweat It Alone, you’ll have access to all of the members located around the world! Here’s where you’ll post Sweaty Selfies, find out about monthly challenges, and win some of Jenna’s favorite wellness products.



What happens if I miss the LIVE workout?

Don’t worry! All of the LIVE workouts are moved to “Latest LIVES” category for you to do at any point shortly after the LIVE is over.


What’s the deal with the online video library?

There are over 70+ videos available to you 24/7 and every week a new On Demand workout is added to the library. You have the ability to save and highlight your favorite workouts and keep track of your progress. 



How do I attend a LIVE workout?

If you are a member of All Access or VIP, you have free range to ALL LIVE workouts. You still need to “Sign Up” under the schedule tab on the All Access & VIP page on the website for each workout to receive the link. If you are a member of On Demand, click the LIVE Workout Sweatule to “Sign Up” for any of the LIVES for a fee of $15/class. 



Can I do any of the workouts if I am not a member?

Sure! We’d love for you to invite your non-member friends to a LIVE workout or to rent an On Demand video. They would click the LIVE Workout Sweatule to “Sign Up” for any of the LIVES for a fee of $15/class. To rent an On Demand video simply go to the On Demand page and click any of the videos you would like to do. Videos are available to rent for 48 hours and range from $5-$10. 


I am new to exercise/just getting back to exercise, can I participate in this program?

Absolutely! Don’t Sweat It Alone members can exert as much or as little energy as they need/want during the workouts. Jenna offers easy modifications throughout the workouts to impact level, pacing, and amount of weights lifted. 

I have an injury, is it safe for me to exercise?

We always recommend checking in with and getting cleared by your doctor before getting involved in any sort of workout program. That being said, Jenna provides modifications to each exercise and it is up to the participant to gauge the appropriate level of physical activity for themselves. 



I’m pregnant, can I still do the workout?

Check with your OB or Midwife before beginning a new program. Most doctors will tell you that if there are no complications during your pregnancy you can continue exercising at the same level you were prior to your pregnancy, as long as you listen to the signals your body is giving you. However, pregnancy is NOT the moment to amp up your exercise level to a 10 if you were previously at a 2. Follow the modifications given to lower impact which is a great option for mothers-to-be. Steer clear of any transverse movements (twisting motions) against gravity. Instead, substitute with 10-degree crunches, body weight squats, and/or reverse crunches. If you experience back or pelvic pain, pelvic heaviness, or leaking, consider seeing a pelvic PT or ask for appropriate modifications. Also, it's always important to increase your water intake. 


Will I work out live with Jenna or is the program all pre-recorded videos?

You have the opportunity to do both, depending on your level of membership. 


For more details about what each level offers, see our pricing page. 


What equipment do I need for the workout?

Each workout varies based on the exercises Jenna plans, but typically you should keep the following items on hand

  1. Mat

  2. Towel

  3. Water

  4. Hand weights (ranging from 2 lbs. to 15 lbs., depending on your fitness level)

  5. Hip bands


Occasionally, you will need a stool or chair for specific exercises. But you can still participate in Don’t Sweat It Alone even if you don’t have any equipment. Jenna gives options for people who don’t have equipment but water is mandatory. ; ) 



How much does Don’t Sweat It Alone cost?

  • On Demand: $19/mo or $217/annual

  • All Access: $39/mo or $421/annual

  • VIP: $119/mo or $1,214/annual


All the information is on the pricing page of the website


Will I learn what to eat?

If you sign up for All Access or VIP, we provide you with nutritional guidelines based on Jenna’s personal eating preferences. In VIP, you’ll receive breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacking recipes to help keep you on track. The accountability community is a great place to ask your fellow members for suggestions and ideas. 



What happens in the one-on-one VIP consultations? 

Jenna will help you break through plateaus, build confidence, and get your body where it deserves to be. You'll set goals together, identify unhealthy habits that are holding you back, and understand what your unique body needs to achieve your dreams. There is so much more to fitness than exercise alone. This one-on-one time is key to your success!

What happens if I have conflicts scheduling my VIP one-on-one sessions due to scheduling issues? 

If you aren't able to schedule during the times on Jenna's calendar please email Jenna directly and the two of you will find an alternate time that works. 

However, if you aren't able to get your session in because you got busy and forgot to schedule it, your session won't roll over to another month. The one-on-ones are only good for the current month and accountability is important.

I am a member, can anyone show me how this site works? 


I am NOT a member, can anyone show me how this site works?










If you have any additional questions feel free to shoot us an email at:

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