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Jenna Willis is smilling

Sometime you gotta fly half way across the world to find what you’ve been looking for.   Work out to work in on the island of the gods   A wellness experience that takes care of all it, 7 days in Bali to recalibrate back to your true nature.

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Join Our At-Home Mind, Body, & Spirit Membership Program.

Go ahead, skip the trip to the gym. Join Don't Sweat It Alone and safely work out from the comfort of your own home or anywhere you choose.

You will see more results with targeted, instructional LIVE workouts instead of spending hours at the gym.

The Don’t Sweat It Alone program connects you with a team of certified fitness instructors to help you get healthy and stay motivated. From circuit training to Zumba to yoga to spin and treadmill classes, you’ll receive the variety you need to maximize your fitness journey.


Don’t Sweat It Alone includes something for everyone. 

  • On the go and looking for quick workouts on your own schedule? Welcome to On Demand.


  • Feeling isolated and looking for a fitness community that holds you accountable to creating a workout regimen? Join All Access.


  • Desperate to shed that COVID weight and looking for a personalized program? VIP is for you.

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Lose Unwanted Inches


The Program Includes


Workout Options

LIVE interactive workouts & On Demand video library w/workouts from Jenna  & other world-renowned trainers including 60-30 min. HIIT,  body weight & resistance band, targeted booty & abs, yoga, treadmill, & recovery.



Connect with members all over the world to stay accountable, track your progress, and show off your Sweaty Selfies. 

Halved Beetroots

Holistic Wellness

Nutritional guidelines and experts on immunity-boosting, glowing skin, clean products, and longevity secrets.

What People Are Saying

 I absolutely love her workout philosophy. She incorporates strength training with effective cardio & throughout my pregnancy she’s definitely proven that she's an authority in the fitness & nutrition space. I would recommend her to any woman who wants to take their body, mind & fitness to the next level." 

-The Skinny Confidential

WE Got You!

Whether you’re just starting on your fitness journey or refining your regular workout routine, you will see results with our LIVE weekly HIIT and strength circuit training workouts. Choose from 10 min., 20 min., 30 min., or 60 min. workouts to help keep you motivated...Get Sweaty!

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