The Founder

Hi, I'm Jenna

Fitness is a journey. Not a destination.

I'm a Jersey girl who is a Los Angeles-based celebrity fitness trainer with a unique approach to "fitness." I believe that in order to be fit you must engage your body, mind, and spirit. In college, I was the tiniest Division 1 volleyball player in the nation, so fitness has always been a passion of mine. I never actually thought it would become my career. I worked out to help with my anxiety and for peace of mind, and realized a healthy lifestyle is so much more than exercise alone. 

I work out because I love it and my plan is to teach others how to find joy in it by making exercise accessible for all different fitness levels, with modifications from beginner to experienced athlete.  

During this time of separation, I felt a strong need to get people moving (with a ton of home workouts) and connected. I started doing Instagram LIVE workouts from my home gym and it inspired me to build a program that could create a stronger connection with the participants. Don't Sweat It Alone is a vibrant virtual community dedicated to a holistic approach to health.